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Our mission.


Welcome to Lennon Hair Co.

Our products are, and will always be made with the purest, all natural, and plant based ingredients. We believe that through our products you can add massive value to your hair & scalp care and beauty needs. "Naturally"

why Lennon is different than other hair products?


Our products are designed to provide immediate results. Not only do they address the root of your scalp issues, but during your hair and scalp transformation our products will leave your scalp and hair feeling hydrated and full of volume and shine. Scalp and hair health is a journey, let Lennon help transform yours.

Why was Lennon created?


Owner and founder, Michelle, shares her story...

"I struggled with hair loss personally, and knew I needed to find a solution that could support me naturally. Through that journey I created my hair serum. This provided so much value to the health of my scalp and hair, that I HAD to share it with the world. My number one priority with LENNON hair co. Is bringing hope and light to the many all over the world who have struggled with my same fight. Thanks for being here. I hope to hear your LENNON story some day."

Xo, Michelle

What are people saying?

This stuff is magical!

I bought this bundle about a month ago, and let me tell you, it has made a world of a difference in my hair growth and scalp health!! I love that it is so simple to use, I love the silicone brush because it gives my scalp a soft and gentle massage as I work the serum in with my shampoo!! My scalp is left feeling refreshed and clean!! The microfiber towel cuts the hair drying time in half & I love how it is so simple to roll up with your wet hair immediately after stepping out of the shower!! Best money I have spent on trying to regrow my hair & maintain a healthy scalp! Before this, I tried Monat and it was way too harsh on my scalp, it was itchier and some spots were so tender it would hurt to comb my hair, but not with Lennon hair serum, this stuff is magical!!! -Lisa Lopez-Garcia

Psoriasis is GONE!

I have struggled with psoriasis for over 8 years. It was triggered after giving birth to twins and having extreme stress that would cause breakouts of psoriasis on my scalp and patches on my face. I had tried every single treatment and finally have resorted to the only the thing that works... a steroid shot once per year. I am happy to say that these last two months have been incredibly busy with a lot of big
projects that I love but it still means stress! My psoriasis came on big time and it had been 14 months since my last shot. Instead of rushing in for my steroid treatment, I tried Lennon and after four days of using with every wash I began to feel relief from the itching! Now I use Lennon every time I wash to stay in maintenance mode but I am sure I will even be able to go to every other wash soon! I love Lennon for the relief and better solution! - Jess T.

Loving the immediate results while watching my hair finally grow back in.

I started losing a LOT of hair from stress and other health issues/illnesses. I have coarse, curly, thick hair and had enough for like 3 people. I started using your hair serum in August 2021 and have had soooo much hair growth! My curls are more coiled, my hair feels softer and it seems fuller as well. One of the nicest things is a less itchy scalp too! Thank you for creating a clean, healthy product!! -T.S.


All Natural. Plant Based


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